Allergen Information.

With over 2 million people in the UK living with severe food allergies, we take our responsibility to comply with Natasha's Law seriously.

There are 14 allergens identified in Natasha's Law and our crackers do not have any of the allergens as an ingredient. 
The crackers are however, produced at premises where nuts (also
peanuts), soy, sesame seeds and dried fruits containing sulphur are handled.

Priya's story

It started when I decided to take my wellbeing and nutrition seriously and chose a low carb lifestyle with real food. 

I was frustrated by the lack of ready to eat products available in the market that suited my needs. What I could find either tasted bad or had misleading labels claiming to be healthy. I chose to take matters to my hands and started working on The Keto Elf.

I've built this brand with all my heart and love on the core values of 'Clean, Convenient and Delicious'. It brings me joy to bring you the best quality crackers with handpicked ingredients that deliver on nutrition, taste and convenience. Because life can be a lot of things, tasteless and bland is not going to be one of it. 
Thanks for coming to my page and enjoy your wellness journey.

Much love, 

Why us?


Because your Keto cracker doesn't need to taste like cardboard.

We've played around with the recipe to create the most flavourful cracker with the perfect texture for an enjoyable experience. 

Finest Ingredients

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients for our crackers, to ensure every bite is both delicious and healthy. 

Manufactured in the UK

The UK has a well established food manufacturing industry with high standards for quality control and safety.